It wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day but luck struck twice last Monday on Winloot as we had not one but two different Winloot Members match 10 out of 10 numbers in our Instant Win Bonus Game within hours of each on 11/9/15. WL_Winner Our first $5,000 winner of the day was Bob Lacy from the friendly town of Van Meter, IA.  In fact, when we wrote to Bob to make sure we had his address right, he wrote back to let us know not to worry too much  because as Bob said, with a population of 1,016, everyone in Van Meter knows each other.  Well, whether it was the post office or one of Bob’s terrific neighbors, as you can see below the check arrived and Bob was kind enough to send us a picture along with a note of gratitude from his wife who we’re told will be the beneficiary of a new winter coat.… Read More
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Another $5,000 Instant Winner!

Congratulations to Sterling Chapman of Windsor Locks, Connecticut who was our latest $5,000 instant winner!  He joins Analyn Cruz of Los Angeles, California and Donald Cochran of Lawton, Oklahoma who were also recent $5,000 instant winners. Would you like to be our next instant winner?  Dozens of people are winning cash from this game every, single day and it is completely free to play.  All you have to do is be a member of Winloot which is free to join, enter at least ten lotto style sweepstakes games on the site and you will receive thirty chances to play our instant win game.… Read More
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Over 400 Bonus Game Cash Winners Last Month

That’s right!  Last month Winloot had over 400 cash winners on our very popular instant win bonus game.  Are you playing and getting your entries in?  Playing the instant win sweepstakes is so easy and super fun.  And did we mention that you can win $5,000 cash instantly? HOW TO ACCESS BONUS GAMES You will notice that when you first visit Winloot that there will be a RED BUTTON with a lock on it that says BONUS GAME.  To unlock the $5,000 instant win bonus sweepstakes you first much play at least ten lotto style sweepstakes on Winloot.  It takes just a couple of minutes and by playing you’ll get yourself a chance to win a cool million.  It is like getting a free lottery ticket!  Once you finish your tenth game the button will turn green and the lock will open.  You can now play the instant win game anytime.  If you finish all of your lotto games you will be taken to the instant win game directly as well.… Read More
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Use Your Tokens To Win Great Prizes

If you are actively playing Winloot you have probably noticed the Tokens image near the top of your Winloot dashboard if you are using a computer.  If you are on a mobile device you’ll find tokens by click the three lines near the top left of your screen.  You can then go to the Tokens Giveaway screen by either clicking the tokens image from a computer or the tokens menu option from a mobile device or by clicking right here. You can enter to win all kinds of great prizes from our special token sweepstakes page including great gift cards, $1,000 cash, computers, LCD TVs and more.  In fact we have already given away some great prizes like gift cards from iTunes, Starbucks, Walmart, Target and a Keurig Coffeemaker.… Read More
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Get Even More Chances To Win

Have you checked out our partner site  RewardIt is another sweepstakes site that gives you twelve chances to enter your favorite sweepstakes games just like you do here on Winloot.  Get another chance to win $1,000,000 when you join and play RewardIt. Winloot makes it easy to join and play.  You may have noticed that after you play your final Winloot sweepstakes you get an ad asking if you would like to join and play RewardIt.  If you click it you will be taken right into RewardIt where you can play to win.… Read More
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What Would You Do If You Won $250,000?

One of the new sweepstakes games you can play on Winloot gives you a chance to win $250,000 cash every day.  That is a nice chunk of change!  So that brings us to the question.  What would you do if you won the $250,000 sweepstakes from Winloot?  Here are some ideas.  Let us know what you think. You could certainly buy a nice new car as long as it isn’t a super exotic automobile like a Ferrari, Lamborghini or something along those lines unless it was used.  That said, you could definitely put yourself into a very nice ride and still have a nice amount of money left over.… Read More
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Play $5,000 Free Instant Win Bonus Game!

Winloot is happy to announce the launch of our brand new, instant win free Bonus Games.  That’s right, you can win $5,000 cash instantly if your ten numbers are selected.  Be sure to play today and see if you can win some instant cash. keno Step 1 – Unlock Bonus Games To be eligible to play the instant win Bonus Games you must play at least ten lotto games on Winloot.  This will unlock Bonus Games and allow you to play thirty games of Bonus Games.… Read More
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February Blog Winner – March Blog Giveaway Announced!

Congratulations to February’s $100 Winloot blog winner, Susan H. of Alexandria, Virginia. She was a frequent commented last month and took home the cash prize. For those of you who were wondering, of course we are doing another blog giveaway in March. To make things interesting we are going to change things up a little. First off, we are going to pick three winners. One $100 winner and two $50 winners. More winners and more money! To encourage more unique commenting, you will receive one entry per blog post for the month.… Read More
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What Would You Do If You Won $1,000,000?

For most people $1,000,000 is a genuinely life-changing amount of money and sometimes it is fun to dream about how you would feel and what you would do if you won a big prize like that from a site like  Tell us what you’d do in the comments below and you’ll automatically be entered into this month’s $100 blog sweepstakes.  While that isn’t as nice as a million dollars would be, it isn’t too shabby. While we’d all be in shock and of course be excited, I would think that everyone would go through a mix of emotions.  Some may be in a state of disbelief and others will be overjoyed.  Who would you tell first?  Of course, one of the first people you should talk to is your accountant!… Read More
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Become A Sweepstakes Pro

So many sweepstakes, so little time!  If you want to win big playing sweepstakes one key is simply entering as many as possible.  If you are smart with your time and are as efficient as possible you can certainly enter more giveaways each day and maximize your chances of winning. Set A Schedule If you can do it, set aside a specific time of day or specific times of the day to get those entries in.  Enter your favorite giveaways first.  Do you ride a train or bus?  Which giveaways can you enter on your phone?  Perhaps you can use that time commuting to sneak in a bunch of entries.  By figuring this out you’ll be able to enter even more sweepstakes.… Read More
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