All About The New Apple Macbook

The New Apple Macbook is the most compact, lightest Mac notebook till date. This 12 inch MacBook includes a high-resolution Retina screen that is much sharper that the screen of the MacBook Air. With 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, it has a tiny motherboard to incorporate the hardware, leaving so much room to accommodate its large battery. 13.1 mm thin and 2 lbs in weight, this Apple MacBook is easy to carry and use.… Read More
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How Does Snapchat Work?

Launched in 2011, SnapChat has recently become one of the hottest messaging apps for mobile phone users. It is a fun and convenient way to send videos and photos to family and friends without consuming your and their phone memory. You may take a video or photo, add a doodle or caption to it, and send it to share it with your friends. Your friends can view it for up to 10 seconds, and then it self-destructs itself to disappear.… Read More
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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Prime

Launched in 2005, Amazon Prime is a special subscription service that the online giant offers to its clients. It is primarily known for the elimination or reduction of shipping charges on every purchase that is fulfilled by them directly. While Amazon already ships orders worth $35 or more for free, this is done using a low priority service of shipping that takes 7 to 10 days for delivery. Customers who enroll to Amazon Prime get 2-day shipping absolutely for free.… Read More
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Cool Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

No one can love you like your mother, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your love and gratitude towards her. No gift can pay for the love she gives to you, but here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas that can make her happy: A cookbook and a dining table gift set: Buy trendy tableware along with a good quality cookbook for her. Keep her style of serving and cooking in mind while making your choice.… Read More
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What Is A 4K TV?

4K is the latest buzz in the tech industry right now. It affects not only the world of cinema and 4K TV, but also image capture, cameras, smartphones, tablets, PC games, computer monitors, and practically anything that records videos or displays images. Also known as UHD or Ultra High Definition, 4K is a picture technology in which number of pixels in a full HD picture is quadrupled. As compared to 1920×1080 resolution in a full HD TV, a 4K TV has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160.… Read More
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Best Sites For Finding A Job

Today, you can do everything over the Internet, even find a job and apply for it. A good site for finding a job is the one that displays most current job openings, has user-friendly search tools, and allows you to look for and apply for a job right from your PC, as per your location, qualifications, salary expectations and other factors. Here are some of the most reliable job search sites that have helped thousands of people find the right job for their career: • This is a leading job board that provides job listings, career advice, resume posting and other resources online.… Read More
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How To Save On Your Mobile Bill

Mobile phones have become a necessity these days. They are no longer simply devices used to make and receive calls and text messages, we need it at almost every minute of our day, whether it is to check emails, browse through the Internet, download songs and movies, and use the myriad of apps to manage different things in our lives. With so much usage of mobile phones these days, we get a surprise every month in the form of our monthly mobile bill.… Read More
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Play $5,000 Free Instant Win Keno Now!

Winloot is happy to announce the launch of our brand new, instant win free Keno game.  That’s right, you can win $5,000 cash instantly if your ten numbers are selected.  Be sure to play today and see if you can win some instant cash. keno Step 1 – Unlock Keno To be eligible to play the instant win Keno game you must play at least ten lotto games on Winloot.  This will unlock Keno and allow you to play twenty games of Free Keno.… Read More
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Where’s the best place to go to college? Kids these days have a vast number of options. For instance, they can go to a trade school and learn a skill. They can attend a traditional two-year or four-year campus and graduate with hundreds of others within their selected program. Or, they’re self-driven and motivated, an online university might be a third option that peaks their interest. But what are the benefits of online education and how does it differentiate from the others?… Read More

All About Netflix

Would you like to save money on your cable bill? We all would, I imagine. I encourage you to try Netflix. Sure, cable offers more channels ranging from fitness, sports, news and so on. Netflix, on the other hand, offers television shows and movies. They keep adding new choices every month and the fee you pay (only $7.99/month!) is cheaper than your cable bill. Am I correct in that? In addition, Netflix offers streaming. You can view Netflix from any mobile device.… Read More
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