Learn How To Play WinLoot

 Don’t know how to play WinLoot? You’ve come to the right place! Here we’ll tell you all the tricks and tips on how to play WinLoot and enter to win the grand prize of $1,000,000! WinLoot is a free lotto-style sweepstakes game that has 7 games for you to play, and each game has a certain cash prize. The 7 daily games that you can play have cash prizes from $100, to $500, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, and $1,000,000! The top right corner of the page gives you a countdown of the time you have left to enter all 7 games before the drawing. To play each game, start by picking 5 numbers. These numbers you can chose yourself, or, if you don’t have any favorite numbers, you can “Quick Pick” them. By “Quick Picking” your numbers, WinLoot will auto-select random numbers for you. After you pick your numbers, click the “Submit” button, and you’ve submitted your numbers for that game! WinLoot makes it easy to enter your numbers to win! Play all 7 games to have the ultimate chance of winning each cash prize.

All of the winning numbers for all 7 games are picked at 3 am PT the next day, so you’ll be able to view your numbers and see if you’ve won! Did you forget the numbers you played? Check out the “Prize Draws” tab to view your numbers by date. If your number’s a winning number, it will be highlighted in gold. To win each game, you must have all of the 5 matching numbers provided. To look at WinLoot’s previous winners, check out the “Winner’s Way” tab for Winners that have previously won with WinLoot!

WinLoot also has other giveaways in addition to their 7 cash prizes. WinLoot currently has a $500 giveaway sweepstakes that you can enter for a chance to win $500 cash! This giveaway you can also enter daily to win until June 30, 2013. Simply fill out the form provided and you’ll be entered to win!

WinLoot also has another $1,000 “Tell-A-Friend” sweepstakes that’s open until August 31, 2014. This sweepstakes is located at the bottom of WinLoot’s homepage. To be eligible to win, you need to refer your friends to WinLoot by sending out an email to their email accounts. After referring your friends, the friends you refer have to be active members on WinLoot. Each friend that becomes active will get you an entry to the $1,000 sweepstakes. To enter multiple emails, separate emails by commas in the space provided where it states, “Enter Friends Email.” You also have the ability to import your contacts to get other friends to sign up for WinLoot and get you entries to win. To import your contacts, click the “Import Contacts” link and you can import other friends’ email addresses from Gmail, AOL, Outlook, and more. The more friends you enter and sign up, the more entries you’ll get!

Are you on social media sites? WinLoot has a Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ account that you can follow for the latest giveaways and sweepstakes! On Facebook and Twitter, WinLoot gives you the option of sharing all of your winning numbers with your friends! Let your friends in on the action for a chance to win big cash prizes! Don’t forget, you can enter daily to win! Start to think about what you could buy with $1,000,000 because you can be our next big winner! Good Luck!