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WinLoot’s New Winners!

Do you know that WinLoot users have the chance to win daily at WinLoot? Have you checked out WinLoot’s new winners? We’ve had three winners in the past three days! Usually we only have one winner, but yesterday we had three. Winloot users are getting close to winning much bigger prizes! Check out these winners who won loot at WinLoot!

Arthur A., from Jersey City, NJ, on 7/31/13 won $10 Cash from Daily Match

Mary G., from Edgewood, NM, on 8/1/13 won $100 Cash from Game 1

Daniel P., from Ontario, Canada, on 8/1/13 won $250 Cash from the Monthly Match

What would you buy if you won from WinLoot? You can become a winner too by playing WinLoot everyday! For every number that you pick, you’ll receive one entry for every matching number you have in the previous day’s drawings! Winloot users are coming awfully close to winning much bigger prizes. Arthur won a Daily Drawing, and Mary won $100 from Game 1 and Daniel won $250 cash from the Monthly Match Game! Mary and Daniel are the two winners ever in WinLoot history to win Game 1 and the Monthly Match game. Congratulations to all of these lucky winners! Make sure you play every day and all 7 games to have your chance to win the Daily Match and Monthly Match games. Not to mention the other games we have, where you can win up to $1,000,000! Good Luck!



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