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How to Play WinLoot

So you’ve been hearing all about this great site, WinLoot, that allows you to enter a lotto-styled sweepstakes to win money for free and don’t know how to play? No need to fear, we are here to tell you the all about the ins and outs of WinLoot.

Never heard of WinLoot? No problem. WinLoot is a free lotto-style sweepstakes that allows you to play seven different games in succession for prizes of $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $100,000 and $1,000,000. Along the top of the screen you will find each game labeled with the current game you are on highlighted in gold. Once you have entered a game that particular games label will turn grey with a red ‘entered today’ sign over and the next game will be highlighted in gold.

To enter each sweepstakes you will start by selecting five numbers. They can be numbers one through five or your favorite numbers between one and forty-five. If you’re feeling unlucky don’t worry there’s an option for you, just select the ‘Quick Pick’ feature. By selecting this feature WinLoot will randomly select numbers for you. Once you have five or six (depending on the game) numbers selected you’re ready to enter the WinLoot Sweepstakes.

Each game has a different method of submitting your numbers. While in one game you may be asked to answer a simple question, another game may ask you to view an offer or click on a banner that interest you. If you follow these directions you will be able to submit all of your numbers.

The winning numbers of each game are selected by 3 am PT the following day. To view the previous days, or any days winning numbers just click on the ‘Prize Draws’ on WinLoot and select the date. WinLoot also gives you the option to have each days numbers emailed directly to you.

As if that already doesn’t sound too good to be true, WinLoot’s Daily Cash Giveaway that rewards one lucky member $50 each day guaranteed. WinLoot also offers a $1,000 ‘Tell-A-Friend’ Sweepstakes. To enter WinLoot members must be at least 18 years of age and be a legal resident of the United States (except Puerto Rico), United Kingdom, Canada (except the province of Quebec) or Australia.


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