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Become A Sweepstakes Pro

So many sweepstakes, so little time!  If you want to win big playing sweepstakes one key is simply entering as many as possible.  If you are smart with your time and are as efficient as possible you can certainly enter more giveaways each day and maximize your chances of winning.

Set A Schedule
If you can do it, set aside a specific time of day or specific times of the day to get those entries in.  Enter your favorite giveaways first.  Do you ride a train or bus?  Which giveaways can you enter on your phone?  Perhaps you can use that time commuting to sneak in a bunch of entries.  By figuring this out you’ll be able to enter even more sweepstakes.

Create A List Of Giveaways
Once you know what you want to enter, make sure to either write them down or better yet, bookmark or save them to an excel or word file so that you can more quickly access the sites.  If you create a file you can email it to your phone if you want to enter giveaways from it.

Use Sweepstakes Directories
Sweepstakes directories are an amazing resource for finding out about new and different sweepstakes opportunities.  You can simply Google the term “Sweepstakes Directories” and check out the various sites or you could visit one of our favorite sites,

Check The Rules
This may be obvious but you’ll want to make sure you are even eligible. Some sweepstakes are only open in certain states or to people of a certain age.  Some giveaways can only be entered once, some can be entered daily and some allow you to enter an as many times as you can.

Use A Real Email Address
Some people set up special email addresses to manage their sweepstakes entries and emails.  This is not a bad idea.  Whatever you do, make sure to use a valid address that you check often.  You don’t want to win $1,000,000 only to learn that you were disqualified for using a fake email address or worse yet miss the email telling you that you won a new car because you used an email address that you never check.  We have been unable to reach a handful of winners because of these very reasons.  Don’t let it happen to you.  Of course at Winloot we also offer bonus entry opportunities via email only so if you want to max out your number of chances to win, you’ll really want to check your email.

Enter Giveaways That End Soon
There is nothing like playing one day and finding out that you won the next day.  Shameless plug:  Winloot gives away $100 every single day which means that you always have a chance of winning immediately.  Plus our drawings for the bigger prizes are held daily so every day is a brand new opportunity.

Good luck and happy sweepstaking!


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