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New Winloot Features

As you have no doubt noticed, there have been some changes to Winloot recently.  The site should be much faster for you and mobile players should see a much improved user experience.  The game balls are larger and easier to view and the mobile game is smoother on most devices.  We have gotten some questions about the new site and wanted to take the opportunity to address them.


We had a lot of feedback about favorites and how they work and based on the comments we have just changed this feature.  If you have favorites set up for a game you can now press the USE FAVORITES button to submit your numbers.  If you want to change the numbers you can click CLEAR NUMBERS and either select manually, click QUICK PICKS or re-click USE FAVORITES.

Clearing Numbers

We had a lot of questions about this as well.  To clear numbers from any page simply click CLEAR NUMBERS located above the lotto ball section of the game.

Your matching numbers are currently not highlighted in green the way they were previously however this is going to change back early next week so that it will be easier for you to find out how many matches you have if you do not check your daily winning number emails.Prize Draws

If you see any other issues or have any further questions about how Winloot sweepstakes work please to not hesitate to let us know.  We are constantly making changes to make your experience better.  Keep your eye out for new giveaways and even more ways to win coming very, very soon.  Good luck!



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