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Play $5,000 Free Instant Win Bonus Game!

Winloot is happy to announce the launch of our brand new, instant win free Bonus Games.  That’s right, you can win $5,000 cash instantly if your ten numbers are selected.  Be sure to play today and see if you can win some instant cash.


Step 1 – Unlock Bonus Games

To be eligible to play the instant win Bonus Games you must play at least ten lotto games on Winloot.  This will unlock Bonus Games and allow you to play thirty games of Bonus Games.

Step 2 – Pick Ten Numbers

Once you unlock the Bonus Games, you can click the PLAY BONUS GAMES button which will take you into the game.  Pick ten numbers by clicking the boxes or selecting Auto-Pick and then click Go.  The game will immediately select twenty numbers.  If ten of the twenty numbers match your numbers you’ll win $5,000.  You can also win cash prizes of $10 or $100 for matches of eight and nine numbers.  Earn Tokens that can be used to enter special bonus giveaways for each number you match as well!

How Tokens Work

You’ll notice that for each matching number you will receive Tokens which are also new to Winloot.  You will also receive Tokens every time you match at least one number playing the Lotto game.  Use your Tokens to enter various giveaways for cash, gift cards, TVs, computers, tablets and more.  The more games you play, the more numbers you match the more Tokens you’ll earn.  Max out your Token count to get as many entries to our special giveaways as possible.

Thanks for being a loyal Winloot player.  Let us know what you think of our new instant win Keno game and our Token promotion.  Stay on the lookout for even more new giveaways and entry opportunities coming soon!


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