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Winloot Email Leads To Bonus Payday!

Shirley B. of of Charlotte, NC won our guaranteed daily cash prize in Friday. Normally that would mean she won $100 but because she followed the instructions in the email she received from Winloot that day, she turned the $100 cash sweepstakes ‎prize into $250 in winnings!

So what did she have to do to earn this extra $150? Just click the email she got from us. She was chosen as our $100 winner but earned extra cash by clicking. That’s it!

Winloot sends out lots of special email only promotions and sometimes people respond but unfortunately there are times where people miss out by not clicking or playing. Bonus prizes have included $50 and $100 gift cards, cash of up to $500, iPad minis and more.

If you get an email from Winloot be sure to check it out and maybe you could be a cash winner next!‎ Thanks for being a loyal Winloot sweepstakes player and good luck.


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